Tournament rules

1. Team and Competition Formats
The GB Masters will determine the number of team entries to be accepted for each competition and it will also decide on the format of each competition. All teams will play a minimum of 4 games over the weekend.
The format of competitions in all categories may be informed by the results from previous tournaments, the number of teams participating in each competition, and the ability to bench an appropriate number of players.

2. Team Entry
Invitations to enter the tournament will be circulated to all interested teams with the GB Masters having the sole right to accept or to refuse entry.
All entries will be conditional on teams accepting the tournament rules and conditions of entry.
All individuals participating in the tournament must be registered members of the GB Masters with an active individual registration number.

3. Conditions of Team Entry
a) Teams must pay the appropriate Team Entry Fee by the publicised closing date. Late entries will NOT be accepted.
b) Team managers must ensure all team members are registered with the GB Masters.
c) Teams must fulfil all games up to 5pm on the Sunday.

4. Officials
GB Masters in partnership with The Polly Camp will oversee the appointment of officials

5. Playing Rules
All games will be played under FIBA rules with the following adjustments:
Teams must be present at the venue a minimum of 15 minutes prior to the commencement of their fixture and produce a written list of players names and numbers to the table officials. Teams arriving late will forfeit the fixture to the opposing team.

Then the game will be played within the time remaining for that particular one-hour slot. Each game will consist of 4 x 6 minute quarters (stopping clock) with 1 minute between quarters and 3 minutes for half time. There will also be one time out per team per half. 

In the event of a tied game there will be Golden Basket 2 minutes overtime (stopping clock and team fouls carrying over). First team scoring a field goal or a free throw will win the game. In the event the game is still tied after the 2 minutes, sudden death free throws will decide the winner.

4 team fouls per quarter and 4 personal fouls in the game.

Players: Players are only permitted to play / register for one team at the tournament. In the event that a team is short of players, which would make them unable to continue to participate, the team may make a request to the Management Panel (see below) to relax the Player Eligibility rule however this can only be considered in exceptional circumstances.

It is expected that all players conduct themselves in the spirit of Masters Basketball. Failure to do so may incur disciplinary action.

6. Management Panel
The Management Panel (MP) will consist of:
Tournament Director;
Venue Managers;
GB Masters Venue Host; and can be assisted by up to two GB Masters Management Committee Members.
The MP will resolve all matters referred to it, which are not covered by the Tournament Rules.

7. League Pools
League positions are decided by awarding 2 points for a win, 1 point for a loss and no points awarded for a forfeit or default. If 2 teams are tied on league points then the result of the games involving the 2 teams will resolve the tie. If 3 teams are tied on league points, then a classification is set up which only takes account of the results of the tied teams against each other. Positions are determined by points difference calculated for each team.